Moulana Jaffar Mehdi about Imam Redha (A.S)

Agha Jaffar Mehdi expanded on the title al Redha and other titles like Alim e AhleMuhammad! He then qualified why this title has been given to him, he mentioned that the Imam a.s used to be bombarded by 100's of questions from experts of all kinds of religions and tribes. Then the Maulana moved onto further merits of the Imam a.s character and how even his opponents were impressed and pleased with him, he then went onto the shrine of Imam Al Redha a.s and how it is the biggest of them all, and how many people with great illnesses and disabilities have come back cured subhanAllah and how the Imam a.s promised that if anyone visits my shrine he will visit him on three occasions, even in the stage of being in the grave subhanAllah.

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