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Muharram 2021 Programme

Ayyam e Aza are fast approaching, as we prepare for the first Ashra, below are some of the key messages we need you to be aware off & require your commitment with:

1. Per family contribution this year is £150, please try to make this cash, and ensure you get a receipt from the committee.

2. On Site Car park: Strictly Disabled badge/Mobility permit holders only, All others must use the 90 space free car park behind CO-OP store.

3. No pick up or drop off from Zainabiya car park due to council restrictions. 

4.  Noise: Please ensure when leaving the centre, you and your family leave swiftly and quietly to avoid any neighbours complaint. 

5. Timing: Due to council restrictions we must be out by 10:30, for that to happen we need momineen to leave with family as soon as tabaruk has been handed out. 

6. Children: Please ensure your children are sat with you or with your designated adult whilst at the centre.

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Muharram 2020 Programme

Following on from our successful events since re-opening Zainabiya Centre, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding all 10 days of Muharram Majalis at Zainabiya Reading Centre starting from Friday 21st August 2020, all our programmes will be live streamed on youtube.

Maulana Niyaz Hussain Naqvi will be reciting in urdu & Br Syed Imran Qaseem will recite in english.

Since 2nd Muharram we have allowed women to also attend programmes as we saw that men were being accommodated well on the ground floor. 

Our first priority is safety of our community whilst also facilitating as many as Momineen we can during these most important days of azadari e Imam e Hussain (a.s).

Under home menu, you will find seperate pages for each of the upcoming nights of majlis, seperate forms for men & women, you will need to complete one for each day you intend to participate in. 


The below 11 items are code of conduct expected by every single worshiper, guest, trusteee and volunteer when attending Zainabiya Reading.

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Below poster will be on the walls at Zainabiya Reading a illustrative reminder to all who attend.

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Eid e Mubahila Event at Zainabiya Centre, register online, click on button below!

Maulana Ali Abbas Razavi will be reciting at Zainabiya  Centre, we will be opening with limited capacity, please ensure you read all the criteria before registering for a place.

Zainabiya Centre opening from Friday 7th August with Eid e Ghadeer

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening Zainabiya centre with Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer this Friday. 

This decision was not taken lightly, as per our previous update we have completed our risk assesment, gone through multiple operating models to fit with the COVID-19 guidelines and have now decided we can manage programmes as long as we use online registration and apply our vulnerability policy which safegaurds the most vulnerable in our community by restricting thier access to the centre.

All programmes will be streamed live on youtuve for all those who can't attend.

We are confident that we have taken all reasonable steps to achieve Covid-19 secure status, although this can't be maintained unless we have ongoing support and cooperation from the community.

Click the button below to register yourself physically attend Zainabiya Centre this Friday, ensure you read all the conditions and answer the questions carefully and with honesty.

Planning & Assessing for re-opening admist COVID-19

Zainabiya has been in lockdown over 3 months now, approx 2 weeks before the government had enforced the lockdown themselves, we have taken precuation very seriously and have been adhering to this meticulously.

As per the government's announcements, there is a plan to allow places of worship to re-open as of 4th July 2020. However we all know that this does not mean returning back to normal, we will need to put in place many measures and restrictions to ensure the safety of our congregation and wider community. 

Currently we are formally risk assessing and devising plans required to implement any mitigation and solutions to limit any transmission of the virus, we will be using the governments guideline and assistance from other national level organisations.


rest assured we will not be opening without having fully prepared and communicated our measures too all of our community.  

Reading in shock

We as a community, are shocked and deeply saddened to learn about the heinous attack carried out in Forbury Garden Reading, killing 3 innocent people and injuring several others and we strongly condemn this act.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those who have lost thier loved ones.

We would like to thank the authorties/police for their handling of this most serious incident.


The society as a whole in the UK has come together over the past months, due to the COVID-19 and all the challenges and deaths it has bought, in which we at Zainabiya have reached out to the wider Reading community, offering service to those who are ill and self isolating, we have had such a good response and engagement which gave usb sense of pride if being positive contributor to the community in its hardest time. 

We will continue to work with our local community to be a responsible and integral part of the it and we will always stand together.


Zainabiya Welfare Foundation has launched an initiative to help those in need during the COVID-19 Outbreak, our community members have really shown great interest and passion to help the elderly, those isolated and struggling to get essential food, Sanitory, medical items.  We have a team of volunteers throughout Reading, who can be deployed to deliver the essential items. 

Also due to isolation, we are cognizant that many people maybe struggling to keep upbeat or positive mindset, you may want to talk to a friendly and helpful individual, for this we have a couple of volunteers who will be available throughout the day.

To access this service you must complete  a short online form (below in the yellow box).


 You will then receive a call from our central coordinator to talk you through what you can expect.  Further details of our policy and safety measures will be shared below over coming days.

DONATER! Greetings! in order to pledge any essential items or funds please fill in the donation form (in the green box below)

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Click the Delivery man icon, it will open up the secure request form in a new window.

Social Media Channels

Click the icon on the Bread icon,  it will open up the secure donation form in a new window.

Adapting to Corona Pandemic (29th March 2020)

In these extraodinary times we all find ourselves in, community organisations, businesses and indivduals need to adapt to ensure mental, spiritual & physical welling.

Zainabiya have initiated the following projects to enable that adaption:

1. A community support initiative for those who are isolating or need help with essentials.

2. closure of our centre based activities to limit the spread as per guidance.

3. initiated online programmes to keep our thursday evening weekly speech ongoing, and onlilne sessions on major religious observances.

4. Sunday school has also gone online, great work by the administration to go live on 29th March. 

Zainabiya News Archive

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An exciting & hard warming initiative took place over the past couple of weeks, Zainabiya community facilitated a winter clothes collection service for those who are needy and destitute in a poor area of Pakistan. 

The community responded fantastically, the zainabiya member who initiated the project said he was overwhlemed with the response, and was very happy with the high quality of the goods, many people purchased new winter coats, fleeces and more.

As there is a limit to amount of clothing someone can take on a single air ticket, the remaining clothes have been allocated for donation to a local charity based in Reading.

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Muharram 1441AH - 1st - 10th September 2019

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Annual Shia Sports event held in Reading

The 6th annual sports event arranged by members of the shia community was held on 14th July 2019. 

This was a badminton tournament, in which 8 teams took part, from coventry, Oxford, Slough and Reading.

Picture shows winners of this year, Zamaan Shah & Shahzad representing Al-Quaim (ajf) Centre Slough. 

The annual football tournament was postponed as there was limited teams available to take part on the day.  Any proceeds or profit from the event goes towards Zainabiya funds, however this year we were just able to cover the costs, this event is an initiative of Majlis e Ulama e Shia, Imamiyyah Council, which aims to bring unity and netwokring of shia across the UK.

There is a picture gallery and video clips which will be uploaded to video/image sections of the site.

Building Improvement Project

Zainabiya operation commitee have been working hard for past week or so to make some internal improvements. 

The internal door that gives access to the men's hall has been moved further down the corridor to make it less disturbing to the speaker, and to reduce the queuing up at the front of the building.

Also another entrance has been created, by converting a window at the back of the building, into a door. This will be used on busier events to allow better access, this also improves the fire safety and evacuation plan in the event of an incident.

If you would like to contribute towards the work, just visit the centre and talk to the committee members.

Zainabiya invited to St Michael's Church

At the end of May 2019, Zainabiya were invited to visit the parish church, Syed Amir attended on this occasion, and sat through the sunday service/prayers. 

He was also given the opportunity to speak to the congregation.

This was the second meeting, following Reverend Liz's visit to Zainabiya earlier in the year.

The event ended with plans to meet up again, and to think on what causes we can work together on in the future.

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Month of Ramadhan

As the month of Ramadhan has now been officially announced, we have produced a timetable for Prayer, sehri, iftari to aid you in your fasting this month. The formula used for the timings are approved by Majlis e Ulama e Shia, and based on thier Mahe Ramadhan pack.  

Our embedded event calender is also upto date to give you further details of 

Find attached alongside a PDF for download, and image of the same below.

Maulana Muhammad Kazim Maroofi Joins Zainabiya Reading

We are pleased to announce that Maulana Muhammad Kazim Maroofi is joining Zainabiya Reading as regular scholar. He will be leading Jummah prayers and recite lectures/sermons every Thursday from 15th November 2018. 

Moulana Kazim Maroofi spent several years in attaining religious studies at Qum (Iran). He has masters degree from Qum in Quranic sciences and commentaries. He excels in communicating both English and Urdu languages. He delivered 10 Majalis of Muharram ul Haraam in Zainabiya Reading in 2017 as English speaker. He recited Muharram majalis in Al-Quaim Islamic Mission, Slough in 2018.

Zainabiya Community of Reading warmly welcome Moulana Kazim Maroofi and looking forward to benefit from his in-depth knowledge of religion.


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Parking Guide

Main car park is behind Co-op store for all times. Centre car park is only for designated cars (please contact the parking controllers, Asad and Asim, if you need a designated space at the centre ) which will be for those who are less mobile.


There is no facility for pick up or drop off at the centre, so please only bring your car to the centre if you already have a designated space.  

Free Legal Advice Surgery at Zainabiya Centre!

Zainabiya organized free legal advice drop-in service to the Tilehurst and wider Reading community on following dates. 


2-4pm Sunday 13th May 2018

2-4pm Sunday 1st July 2018

2-4pm Sunday 5th Aug 2018 

2-4pm Sunday 2nd Sep 2018


The advice was provided by Sky Solicitors, who are fully operating solicitor firm, who have a generous offering for communities to provide free legal help as drop-in services. This is done with no financial contribution towards them and is purely done as a community service. The following areas of legal services are part of our Free Legal Help Project:


1. Immigration,

2. Asylum,

3. Human Rights,

4. Overseas Nationals,

5. Women who are victims of domestic violence.

Introducing Food bank service to Tilehurst community

Zainabiya Welfare Foundation are proud to announce the opening of a food-bank based in Zainabiya New Centre on School Road. 

In line with our religious values which promotes caring for the poor and needy, this initiative has always been in our strategic aims, we now feel as a community group, ready to provide this service on a weekly basis.


We have studied the reports released early in 2018, which proves over 1 million people were served by food-banks, which shows that there is a major issue in communities UK wide where parents, elderly, and vulnerable people are struggling at times to even buy food for themselves and their families.


According to the Trussel Trust report, 39% of those who benefit from the food banks are single males of working age, with only 13% being non UK nationals. 

We welcome any support from individuals and other community groups to support in this great cause, hopefully together we can help those in need and give them the support they need to become independent once again.

Instructions for Car Parking at Zainabiya Centre


All community members are requested to park their vehicles in Council Public car park located at Recreation Road. It is just 2-min away by walk and free after 3:00 pm. 

Please do not park behind or in front of the Post Office or in any of the parking slots not allocated to Zainabiya. Centre car parking is only for community members with less mobility.

Please ask on-site Parking controller, who will be available during our events, for any assistance or directions to public car parking. There is no pick up or drop off facility in front of the centre.

Please see following map for directions from Recreation road car parking to our centre. 

New Centre Now  Open for Regular Thursday Program, Friday Prayer, Sunday School and other events.

We are greatly pleased to inform that with the grace of Almighty Allah and blessings of Ahlebait (a.s), we have had completion of purchase of new centre for Zainabiya Reading on Monday, 11th  December 2017.

We are immensely grateful to all those who have contributed through their time, energy and financial assistance in achieving this big milestone for the community. The new centre will enable us to meet the needs of our community on long term basis, inshaAllah.

4-6 School Road, Tilehurst, Reading, RG31 5AL

4th Annual General Meeting 2016 

On 28th February, we held our AGM at Zainabiya Centre. It was the first AGM to happen in our own centre, a great event full of interaction and reflection. Please find attached below the minutes from the AGM, this document contains our aims and objectives for 2016, hence is important for all community members to know and an opportunity for our community members to come forward and volunteer for any of the said objectives.

Sunday School Every Week 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Sunday school classes have been relaunched in Zainabiya Reading Centre since November 1st 2015. Please contact us to register your children for Quran & Islamic studies or for any enquires regarding our Sunday school program.


Venue: 15 Bennet Road, Unit 3 Bennet Place, RG2 0QX


We have admission forms which you can complete and bring them in with you. If you are not able to print, you can complete the form at the centre inshaAllah. The weekly sessions will include Arabic Language and Quran teaching, also teaching of History/Fiqh and Aqeeda based on the curriculum provided by Majlis e Ulema Europe. A detailed presentation pack was shared with the parents on the open day. Key contacts for any queries regarding Sunday School Amir Saqlain from Operations Committee.