Zainabiya Welfare Foundation is a registered charity (Registered Charity 1153961) based in Reading (England). It is serving the local Shia Ithna Ashary Muslim community in and around Reading. Zainabiya centre is a platform for Friday (Jummah) prayer, Thursday nights gatherings (lectures, Dua, congregational prayers), Quranic and religious education for children and manu other religious and social gatherings. We aim to promote the true teachings and values of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), through the Quran and his Ahlulbayt (a.s). 



Reading Shia Ithna Ashari community came together on November 2012 at Sayed Taha Hussain's residence and decided to establish 'Zainabiya Welfare Foundation' to meet the requirement of the Shia community in Reading (Berkshire, United Kingdom) and fulfil religious obligations. The meeting was inspired by Maulana Syed Dr Abbas Naqvi of Woking, who attended and gave us the initial guidance and support.


Since then, Zainabiya Reading have been meeting every Thursday evening; for dua Kumail, Hadees e Kisa and Zikr e Aimma Pak (a.s) and whenever there is a date of Wiladat and Shahadat we have been blessed by Allah swt to be able to organise and benefit from this.


Our seminars are arranged in English, Urdu and Arabic, and we aim to have a bilingual sermon for the compulsory Friday prayers. We, in Reading, began Jummah prayers in late February 2013 for the first time, another joyous occasion for the shia of Berkshire, in particular in Reading.


Our charity constitution provides you a lot more information, please request this via the 'contact tab'.




1. Who are 'Shia Ithna Ashari'? 

A: In simple terms it is a sect of Islam, which believe that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had 12 divine successors, starting from Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s (If you would like to know more, use the contact tab or feel free to come and meet us)


2. Why have you chosen 'Zainabiya' as our community name?

A: It is named after the holy Grand-daughter of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), Her name was Zainab (PBUH) she was the Daughter of Imam Ali (PBUH). Lady Zainab, is revered as the Saviour of Islam, she protested and kept alive the sacrifice that her beloved Brother Imam Hussain (PBUH) gave, and with her very famous speeches and patience she took down the most tyrannical leader the Muslim world had ever seen. 

So we have picked her name, as we feel indebted to her, and we will try to live up to her great standards of modesty, patience and goodness. It also gives us the thought that women are critical in the success of any community.


3. What is Dua e Kumail?

A: Dua simply means a prayer, Kumail was the name of one of the honourable companions of Imam Ali (PBUH), who had a particular prayer recited to him directly by Imam Ali (PBUH) and he remembered it and recorded it for all to recite, it is said to be one of the greatest prayers, and is traditionally recited in a gathering every Thursday. 


The main message of Dua Kumail is bring one closer to our Creator, and to plead for forgiveness.


4. What is Hadis e Kisa?


'Tradition of the Cloak' is the translation, and it is reported as an event which took place in the home of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), in which he wore a large cloak, and one by one his two grandchildren Imam Hassan and Hussain, and then Ali, then Fatima (PBUH) entered the cloak, then the Holy Prophet PBUH spoke to Allah swt and said this is my 'Ahlulbayt' these are household, and shared some beautiful words about them and their followers. 


We recite this at every gathering, as it is one of the defining sources of our faith.


5. Who is welcome to attend?


Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend, as long as one is there for a peaceful reason, and keeps to the rules of the gathering, we will welcome you all as brothers and sisters in humanity.