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The namaz timings are calculated specifically for Reading, using timings from Najaf.org, which is the website of representative of his Eminence Sayed Ali Sistani

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Muharram 2020 Programme

Following on from our successful events since re-opening Zainabiya Centre, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding all 10 days of Muharram Majalis at Zainabiya Reading Centre starting from Friday 21st August 2020, all our programmes will be live streamed on youtube.

Maulana Niyaz Hussain Naqvi will be reciting in urdu & Br Syed Imran Qaseem will recite in english.

Since 2nd Muharram we have allowed women to also attend programmes as we saw that men were being accommodated well on the ground floor. 

Our first priority is safety of our community whilst also facilitating as many as Momineen we can during these most important days of azadari e Imam e Hussain (a.s).


The below 11 items are code of conduct expected by every single worshiper, guest, trusteee and volunteer when attending Zainabiya Reading.

Behavior Agreement.jpeg

Below poster will be on the walls at Zainabiya Reading a illustrative reminder to all who attend.

Do's & Don'ts.jpeg

Zainabiya Centre opening from Friday 7th August with Eid e Ghadeer

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening Zainabiya centre with Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer this Friday. 

This decision was not taken lightly, as per our previous update we have completed our risk assesment, gone through multiple operating models to fit with the COVID-19 guidelines and have now decided we can manage programmes as long as we use online registration and apply our vulnerability policy which safegaurds the most vulnerable in our community by restricting thier access to the centre.

All programmes will be streamed live on youtuve for all those who can't attend.

We are confident that we have taken all reasonable steps to achieve Covid-19 secure status, although this can't be maintained unless we have ongoing support and cooperation from the community.

Click the button below to register yourself physically attend Zainabiya Centre this Friday, ensure you read all the conditions and answer the questions carefully and with honesty.

Planning & Assessing for re-opening admist COVID-19

Zainabiya has been in lockdown over 3 months now, approx 2 weeks before the government had enforced the lockdown themselves, we have taken precuation very seriously and have been adhering to this meticulously.

As per the government's announcements, there is a plan to allow places of worship to re-open as of 4th July 2020. However we all know that this does not mean returning back to normal, we will need to put in place many measures and restrictions to ensure the safety of our congregation and wider community. 

Currently we are formally risk assessing and devising plans required to implement any mitigation and solutions to limit any transmission of the virus, we will be using the governments guideline and assistance from other national level organisations.


rest assured we will not be opening without having fully prepared and communicated our measures too all of our community.  

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